Privacy Policy & Cookies


Is information I submit kept secure?

Yes, all personal details including your name, address and billing information are kept protected through a process of advanced encryption. Many internet browsers will display a small padlock icon beside the address bar which means the page is protected using the encryption provided by a Digital Certificate from Comodo Secure.


Are details given to third parties?

We use a secure payment system for all credit and debit card transactions. All transaction information is encrypted using highly secure 128-bit SSL certificates.


What information is kept on your servers?

Once you register with MediDxSupply, your basic account information will be stored securely. This is common on ecommerce websites and is for your convenience, meaning you won’t need to provide your details every time you wish to make a purchase. The exception to this is credit/debit card information which is not kept by MediDxSupply, this ensures your bank information cannot be stolen in the event of a data breach. Your order information history is also kept by MediDxSupply, this allows you to view previous transactions and easily find items you may wish to purchase again.


Will I receive advertisements?

Only on rare occasions we might email you with an offer we feel may be of interest to you. We also occasionally post special offers or include flyers with deliveries. If you would prefer not to receive this then please contact us. You will never receive adverts from third parties who have obtained your information from us, we also will not display third party advertisements anywhere on our website.


How do cookies work?

Cookies are small text files which are placed onto your computer when you visit a website. For most internet browsers, cookies are enabled by default. The cookies help strengthen the communication between your computer and the website.

If you wish to disable cookies, it can be achieved via your internet browser settings. For more information on cookies, visit: