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• 50 x LANCETS

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Sinocare Safe AQ Smart Blood Glucose Meter, Convenient to Carry with Painless Test

Precise & Easy to use: Safe AQ Smart uses code-free test strips, and it only needs 5s testing time & 0.6ul blood sample volume to test your blood glucose level. The delicate FAD-GDH test strips have strong resistance to multi-material interference.

Blood Glucose Testing Kit: This kit covers Sinocare blood glucose monitor Safe AQ Smart & Strips & Lancets & Painfree lancing device & Case & User manual. A set of equipment is provided to meet all your needs when measuring blood sugar.

Painless Lancing Device: The device combines 9 different depth settings, effectively reducing pain.with Sinocare upgraded 33G low-pain needle, the pen needle out quickly and the wounds heal fast from a small cut.

Convenient to Carry: Lightweight and easy to carry anywhere. It allows you to easily test your blood sugar while you are on a business trip or traveling.

A Perfect Gift: A precious gift is to enable the health of family members and friends, helping you keep an eye on the glycemic index.